Which kitchens are best value?

Another point to mention is that some people have told me that their Ikea kitchens are great, but they had a hard time getting their builder to fit them. Or, sometimes, if you buy Ikea appliances and they break, the kitchen may no longer be in production, so you have a hole the exclusive size of Ikea left to fill.

Which kitchens are best value?

Another point to mention is that some people have told me that their Ikea kitchens are great, but they had a hard time getting their builder to fit them. Or, sometimes, if you buy Ikea appliances and they break, the kitchen may no longer be in production, so you have a hole the exclusive size of Ikea left to fill. So if you choose Ikea, be sure to check with your builder that they are willing to install it and research the appliances first. Two guys, one design director and the other owner of a furniture design studio, saw a gap in the market for custom-made plywood fronts and countertops for Ikea cabinets (there were other brands that made custom fronts, but most were still very expensive).

The minimum order is £1000 and you can access a breakdown of the costs here). Once again, bridging the gap between a love of carpentry and traditional carpentry with more affordable prices, you can send them your Ikea kitchen plan along with your preferred kitchen design for a quote. The downstairs style is called 'Basis' and a small kitchen would cost around £2500 (including Ikea units as well). Once again, these are beautiful fronts and countertops to make your Ikea cabinets feel custom-made.

Prices start from £29.20 including countertops (£880 for fronts only), they also sell gorgeous brass handles that can completely transform the look of your kitchen. I was very surprised that DIY kitchens were on this list. Their prices are comparable to those of IKEA, but they have a much wider range than IKEA. When I used the kitchen planner for IKEA, I found that I was going to have a lot of dead space because they didn't have a variety of cabinet sizes, whereas with DIY kitchens I won't have dead space, since their size range is wide enough to choose what works.

Its quality is also much better than that of IKEA. I would remove WREN from this list. They quoted a £10K starting point for our small kitchen kitchen, when I called to cancel our appointment they couldn't have been more rude. You should also consider how hard that kitchen has to work.

Some have only light use, even by families. I had a B&Q kitchen about 10 years ago and asked the installer how long he thought his life expectancy was. He said 8 years on average before they needed to change and that he was more or less in the money. The doors wrapped in aluminum foil began to lift at around 7.In an increasingly environmentally friendly era, that's pretty bad, and if every kitchen you have in your life lasts that long, you might need 6 cookers.

Quite expensive when you look at it like that, not only at your bag, but also at the environment. An old kitchen can be an absolute bargain and in excellent condition. Used kitchens at sites like The Used Kitchen Company (opens in a new tab) and The Kitchen Exchange (opens in a new tab) are fully inspected to make sure they are in good condition, so your second-hand kitchen will have no scratches, wear marks, or second-hand moisture rings. There's a reason Wickes is such a popular brand: they offer incredible kitchens at an even better price.

With 14 different custom Showroom ranges to choose from in 44 different colors, Wickes will help you completely design the kitchen of your dreams from scratch. The company also offers a two-year labor installation warranty for added peace of mind. Wickes' Showroom kitchen ranges come in four different styles. Modern Intelliga and J-Pull styles feature handleless doors for a sleek, accomplished look.

The Shaker style has a timeless feel that works in both a contemporary and classic home. And finally, the Slab style provides a clean base from which to add a touch of style with one of the many handle options available. All kitchens come with soft-close door technology, as well as a variety of storage solutions to maximize your space. If you want to add some finishing touches to your kitchen, Wickes has some impressive options to choose from.

We especially like the countertop charger that works with Qi-compatible devices and the baseboard heaters that help heat drafty corners away from your radiator. For its 14 Showroom kitchens, Wickes has three price brackets denoted by the pound symbol on the company's website. Our research shows that Wickes cookers are very price competitive when it comes to the other domestic equipped kitchen retailers. And while the installation price may be higher than what you might find in a local carpenter, the company's knowledge of kitchen equipment, plus its two-year labor warranty, make it worth the investment.

With expert design consultants, trusted local installers and a wide variety of inspiring kitchens to suit all budgets, Wickes is our top recommendation for equipped kitchens. Fill out a form to start your kitchen journey with our trusted cooking partner, Wickes. There's very little I don't like about B&Q; it offers a lot of advice on its website, so you can really visualize how your dream kitchen would combine. While B&Q has only 12 different kitchens, the design options are diverse and very economical, so if you're looking to save when buying your ideal equipped kitchen, B&Q is the way to go.

B&Q has a dedicated door range, with a variety of features. From glazed finishes (this will depend on the style of the kitchen) to selecting if your door has no handle or not, you will be able to create the kitchen of your dreams. A B&Q equipped kitchen will generally include cabinets, both wall and base cabinets, as well as drawers and countertops. The company has several different door styles available depending on the design.

For example, the Stevia Kitchen design features a matte finish on the doors. Kitchens usually have a few different countertop options available, too. With the Stevia kitchen, you can choose between laminate or solid wood, with the option of laminate in 25 different colors. There are plenty of add-ons to choose from, all of which can be found here.

From strainers to baskets and drainers, kitchen handles and more, B&Q offers great appliances to add to the kitchen of your dreams. Prices start at £766 and go up to £2,118 for the company's range of cookers. All of these prices are based on an 8-unit example. However, you can choose to purchase an 11- or 16-unit kitchen.

B&Q is great when it comes to buying built-in kitchens. From elegant aesthetics to warm, contemporary designs and pops of color for your dashboard, you have plenty of options to choose from. Plus, if you're looking for an equipped kitchen for less than £1,000, B&Q has a lot more options than other companies. Unfortunately, B&Q doesn't have a custom design option, so if you want to design your equipped kitchen from scratch, this company may not be the best option.

If you like variety, Howdens may be the brand for you. With 25 vastly different and distinct kitchen layouts, from accent features and high-end finishes to a sleek all-white aesthetic and cooler, darker tones, there are plenty of options available. However, Howdens only sells to the store, so customers will need to find a builder or carpenter who has an account with Howdens. They can get the Howdens price and install the kitchen for you.

If you're looking for the most diverse kitchen designs available, Howdens is the place to go. You can offer just 26 designs, but many of them differ greatly from other brands. Howdens also includes kitchens with pops of color, quirky aesthetics and more. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, there is a lack of clarity about prices and what appliances are included in your equipped kitchen.

Wren Kitchens offers the widest range of equipped kitchen options, with 88 different kitchen design combinations. In addition, the company's website is incredibly easy to use and easy to navigate. You can also get an exact quote without having to contact the customer service center or call the company. In addition to offering such a wide range of kitchens, Wren Kitchens offers 8 units, 12 units, 16 units and 20 units.

Prices start at £576 and go up to £5,306 on equipped kitchens. All of these prices are based on an example of 8 units with three appliances selected. If you want to get a larger kitchen you can, but this would cost more. You can book a free appointment with the company here and get a direct quote.

Price is between £1,482 and £5,388 on Magnet cookers. All of these prices are based on an 8-unit example, but you can choose to buy a 12-unit or 16-unit kitchen. Retailers like Wickes make it a breeze to get a free, no-obligation quote, and the company also offers a two-year installation labor warranty that provides peace of mind. To book a design appointment with Wickes, visit their site.

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A big advantage is that Harvey Jones kitchen designers manage the project throughout the process until one of their expert installers installs it. The company also offers financing options, including monthly payment. One advantage of Neptune is that you can buy more than just the kitchen, the company also offers flooring, tile, paint, window treatments and lighting. However, unlike many kitchen companies, although the design consultation is free, there is a £350 fee for their design.

However, it can be exchanged for a kitchen order. You'll only have to deposit a 20% deposit until it's time to hand over your kitchen. But there are no funding options. Real-life viewing options are limited to two showrooms, both in the London area.

While every kitchen comes with a “Smallbone” warranty, the company doesn't specify the length. Funding options are not mentioned either. Your budget may dictate where you buy your kitchen, but knowing what different retailers offer can help you make that decision. Wickes is a good choice for many, thanks to its large kitchen collection and the ability to supply other items, such as tiles and floors.

A variety of payment options, qualified design consultants, and extended warranties are big plus points. For a custom finish in a ready-to-assemble package, the Wholesale Cabinets Bright White Shaker cabinet system is constructed of ½ inch plywood with heavy duty ¾ inch plywood shelves that can support the weight of heavy tableware. Shaker style cabinet doors are made of HDF, providing a clean finish. Both can be created to convincingly imitate hardwood floors or tiles, both are sturdy and suitable for kitchens, and both are inexpensive.

Combining a built-in or flat kitchen with more unusual stand-alone pieces can prevent it from being mass-produced. Yes, you read that right, the Dakota kitchen (opens in a new tab) ready to fix by Wickes starts from just £457. All of the brand's products are handmade and, along with the kitchen cabinets, it also works in bathrooms and other custom rooms. If you've found a tile that you love but will be too expensive to use throughout the kitchen, limit it to a high-profile area, such as a dashboard, and complement it or contrast it with a cheaper tile in the rest of the room. A new kitchen design means new surfaces, better workflow, and often a return on investment.

After all, when it comes to planning a new kitchen, there is often a huge gulf between budget and expectations. With Magnet, you can expect your equipped kitchen to have high-end finishes, no matter what design you choose. You can choose to have a virtual or face-to-face appointment with their experienced design consultants and see a 3D plan of your kitchen, and they will even take care of the entire installation. One of the benefits of designing a new kitchen is the opportunity to customize the space to make it more functional.

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